Best Alternative of WeChat for PC & Android

The smartphones were invented as they helped us all to stay connected not just with phone calls or text messages but also via internet and this all got happen so fastly. iPhone was the first best smartphone running with touch screen and later it came a flood of touch screen smartphones with Android OS. There are people who still don’t know true usage of internet and they only look to complete their basic task. Like their most common task from a smartphone is to allow them sending messages for free. There are many messaging apps available while you may have stick to WeChat for a while, right?

Best Alternatives of WeChat for PC & Android

But now you’re looking for its alternative, may be to try new one out or because of any personal reason. Here I’m covering best alternative of WeChat for PC and Android which you can use on computer and on compatible Android devices.

I’m writing them one by one while the one mentioned on top is better than all below one. This is how you can choose and start using the best alternative to WeChat.

#1 WhatsApp

With billions of users and one of the apps supporting wide range of platforms, WhatsApp is the best alternative to WeChat and there are many reasons to satisfy this ranking. First and far most the best feature of WhatsApp is that it mainly focuses on messaging like BBM does rather than any annoying additional features. It got extremely simple to use user interface with 24×7 hours working server.

Messages got delivered within instantly and another thing you will find best is that most of your contacts will be using it because for some users of smartphones, WhatsApp is synonym for messaging app. So get with WhatsApp and find yourself out of the WeChat addiction.

#2 Telegram

Next is Telegram which is literally a carbon copy of WhatsApp, providing almost identical feature but with better and clear user interface. These two features makes it worth and also it offers better privacy features than the above one.

f you’re looking for a change, then this is the one that you’re definitely going to like and enjoy using. Yes, you can even use it on computer.

#3 Hike Messenger

This app is seriously for art and craft lovers because its user interface and various design elements are extremely addictive and elegant in design. This is its main power feature which keeps users addicted with it.

Yes it can allow you to send messages, share pictures, videos, recordings, geo-location and even make free calls on speedy internet connections. It got a wide range and awesome looking stickers gallery which is another power feature of this app.

#4 Kik

This one is the last app that I’ll recommend you using because of its extremely seriousness towards the user experience. It never serves anything like advertisements of any other campaigns to annoy users and hurt their experience.

It runs for the whole day to let you connect with your friends and family members and you don’t need to pay anything for using any of its features. Let me know which one you’re opting finally?

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